Posted on November 24, 2011


I drew this one night when my imagination was going wild.

February 6, 2009

Tonight, I escaped into the distant desert. Blossoms of heat burst as my bare feet stepped onto the sun-cooked sand. I was lighter than the air that crept over the earth. Two swift beings, one crimson, the other violet, swam from beneath the the grainy surface. They came for me. They called me Lorelei. The crimson being was joyful and jumped up and down as if it hadn’t seen me in a long time. The violet being circled around me. It draped over me like a silk scarf. They lead me to the place I knew. The place I had fled so desperately from. From the outside, it was beautifully crafted and its colors were resilient. It was held up by two invisible hands. This place was inhabited by trillions of things, each one so different than the other. It was beautiful to see that whoever had created these creatures used the same materials, yet they each had different appearances.

As we swam deeper into this globe, new things surfaced. Machines and concrete, glass covered light, ropes hung on dead tree trunks. People looked foggy and gray. I wanted to go home, but I realized that I couldn’t. I had no home. I grasped at them, but they vanished into me. I could feel them within me somehow. They sang within me and I trembled. A soft voice spoke into my ear.

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